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  • Archive for October, 2006

    How Soon We Forget

    Monday, October 30th, 2006

    Have you ever bought a newer, faster computer and then, after three days of speedy bliss, you’re yelling at the machine to “hurry up!!
    Do you keep your old computer around and fire it up once in awhile just so you’ll remember what it was like in the old days?
    As a daily user of Creative Suite CS2, I enjoy using many of the features that are new in this last upgrade.
    As a trainer, I often run into people still using CS1. They’ll see me demonstrate something and ask “Do I have that in CS1?”
    I would answer.
    The other day I was working with a client who, I found out later, was still using InDesign 2.0 (not CS2 which is version four, but 2.0 which is version…well…2.0). So they were asking me how to do a particular thing and I told them. And they asked about something else, and I told them.
    Later, when I realized they were on the older version, I had to give them the bad news that they couldn’t use any of what I had told them.
    And InDesign 2.0 was a great piece of software.
    It was the first version to offer transparency and tables. It was able to export a good PDF file and it had so many of the features we still brag about today like unlimited undos, eyedropper, crash protection, all the text stuff like optical margin alignment and optical kerning.
    But since October of 2003, Adobe has given us two upgrades chock full of goodies that would make us refuse to use that old, outdated application. You might as well tie my hands behind my back and make me work blindfolded, you might say.
    How soon we forget.
    I give Adobe credit for giving us features we USE. I often feel like they sat down with me and asked me what I would like to see in the next version. What gets me is the stuff they put in there I didn’t even think of, but now I can’t live without.
    I can’t wait for upgrades. I love them. There is always something in there that helps me work faster and design better.
    I recommend you keep a copy of your old Adobe software on your computer and every once in a while go back and try to create something with it. Then you’ll really appreciate the software you have.
    Better yet, keep a copy of Quark around and try to create something on it. Then you’ll REALLY know how far we’ve come.