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    Russell Viers is a Transition Expert in the publishing world. Since 1997 he has helped newspapers and magazines adapt to changes in the industry. Read more...

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  • Things Customers Never Say

    August 15th, 2006 by Russell Viers

    With my head in the clouds, I dream of things customers might someday say to me…when I die and go to heaven, perhaps.
    Usually we get stuff like “I need it yesterday” and “I can get it cheaper from the other guy.”
    Do let’s daydream a minute and think of the many things we would like to hear our customers say, like:
    1. No Hurry…take your time
    2. Other quotes? I didn’t even know there were other printers in town.
    3. Just tell me how much it costs when I pick it up.
    4. That misregistration is hardly noticeable.
    5. I love black ink.
    6. Don’t worry about it…I always type my phone number wrong, too.
    7. Can I do the press proof over the phone?
    8. If you like it, I like it.
    9. All those specs confuse me…why don’t you choose for me.
    10. Deadline? I don’t want to sound stupid, but I don’t know what that is.
    11. Missing photo? Oh that? I didn’t like that picture anyway.
    12. Can I pay you in advance? Cash?
    13. WOW…look at the big dots in the photos…I like that!
    14. What’s wrong with Helvetica?
    15. Proof? Nah, I trust you.

    Now it’s your turn…share your dream quotes with us all, so we can fantasize together.

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