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    Russell Viers is a Transition Expert in the publishing world. Since 1997 he has helped newspapers and magazines adapt to changes in the industry. Read more...

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  • InDesign: Ignore Text Wrap

    May 2nd, 2006 by Russell Viers

    QuarkXPress converts quickly learn that InDesign’s Text Wrapping is different from Runaround.
    There is a preference that will allow you to make them behave the same, but I don’t recommend it, and we discuss that elsewhere.
    Here we want to focus on how to make type that is designed to go over a photo that has Text Wrap turned on. By design, since Text Wrap forces ALL type out of the perimeter, then the type placed over it would also be forced out, making you think you’re not typing anything.
    Click Here to Watch the Video.
    The solution is simple once you know it.
    Select the type that is to stay on the photo with the Selection Tool. Select Object>Text Frame Objects. Toward the bottom left of that dialog box you’ll see Ignore Text Wrap. I’m sure you can guess what to do with that.
    Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut for that…only the longcut.

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