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  • InDesign: Adjust Text Attributes when Scaling

    May 2nd, 2006 by Russell Viers

    Here’s a thing that gets some people so frustrated they throw chairs across the room…or at least growl a lot.
    When adjusting type, sometimes the size is shown as the original size, then, in parenthesis is a second size to the right. Now what’s that all about.
    Well, the size in parenthesis is the adjusted size and the other, to the left of it, is the original size.
    Click Here to Watch the video
    There are two reasons this can happen and a fix…not necessarily simple…but a fix.
    Reason number one is that in your preferences, in the Type pane, you’ve got Adjust Text Attributes when Scaling turned off. When you scale type you’ll that second (actual) size in parenthesis.
    Reason number two is if you resize grouped type frames. Even if the Adjust Text Attributes when Scaling preference is turned on (as I would recommend it) you’ll still get the second type size in parenthesis.
    What’s the fix? With your Selection Tool, select the type box and use the Fly-out menu on the Transform Palette or the Fly-out menu of the Control Palette and select Scale Text Attributes. Boom-buh…you’re good to go.
    The bad news is you have to ungroup your text frames first. The good news is that you can have multiple frames selected and do them at the same time.

    5 Responses to “InDesign: Adjust Text Attributes when Scaling”

    1. Edita Says:

      When I select the Type Tool, drag to create a text box and type, the text is automatically scaled to a %-age (let’s say 75%). Is this some sort of preference setting?
      any help much appreciated,

    2. Kelly Vaughn Says:

      Hi Edita, first, deselect everything. Now, look at your Character Panel. There are horizontal and width percentage measurement fields there. Those percentages should both be 100%. If, with nothing selected, they are anything OTHER than 100% (let’s say they are at 75%), then ALL type you create from now on will be scaled to the percentages listed in character panel. If those horizontal and width percentages are not at 100% when everything is deselected, set them back to 100%.

      This behavior the same with all objects. Whatever scaling settings you make when nothing is selected: those are the settings that will be in place when you create a new object. But just for that document.

      However, if you close all your documents, and then change scaling settings, preferences, swatches etc. those settings will be the new default for all new documents you create…until InDesign crashes and you you have to reset your preferences.

    3. admin Says:

      Thanks Kelly…
      And to reset ALL your preferences, just hold down the four operator keys on the left side of your keyboard when you restart. InDesign will ask if you want to reset all your prefs. If you don’t get that message when ID starts up…PRESS HARDER!!
      If it still doesn’t work, I suggest a hammer, or the heal of an old boot.

    4. Angelique UK Says:

      OMG. I must be really stupid… I’m using CS5 InDesign… I’m sick to death that it will not scale my text up and down (like in Illustrator/Quark) when I’m using the keyboard command: Shift-alt-command/apple !!!!! ARGHRGARGRRH! I’ve checked all my preferences for a ‘scale/Adjust text attributes whilst scaling’ and I cannot find it… not on my Transform palette, Not on my Control Palette, not on any of my text palettes – I mean… it’s easy to find on older versions of InDesign, but I guess they’d thought it’d be fun to hide this version, as I have LOADS of time on my hands, what with the recession and all… I mean, it’s not like I’d want to hold on to my job showing my boss how quick I am and how useful I can be! Grrrr. InDesign. STOP moving things!
      Please help. Pretend I am stupid. I don’t mind.

    5. Russell Viers Says:

      Angelique, nothing should have changed on this. The shortcut Cmmd + Shift then moving the handles on the bounding box of text still scales text proportionally. Cmmd + dragging the handles makes the text “rubber” and you can scale as you like. Let me know how it goes…maybe we can chat on skype to solve this for you.

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