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    Russell Viers is a Transition Expert in the publishing world. Since 1997 he has helped newspapers and magazines adapt to changes in the industry. Read more...

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  • New Yearbook Kits are on the Way

    September 11th, 2008 by Russell Viers

    I’m happy to report that the Walsworth Yearbook Kit for the ’09 school year is the best I’ve seen, yet. Great results from a lot of hard work by the Kit Department and Kim Zahner…thanks.
    Walsworth Europe customers should expect to see them in the mail shortly.
    In future articles I’ll dive deeper into individual parts of the kit, but for now, let’s take a quick look at what’s inside:
    • New page and spread template designs (plus some returning favs)
    • New Portfolio Catalog, with predesigned cover ideas, folio art, endsheets & more
    • Photography and Photoshop tips
    • New Ladder and Deadline Planner
    • InDesign At a Glance Card
    • Photo Resolution At a Glance Card (very helpful)
    • A nifty Process Manual that walks you from Planning to Creating to Submitting
    • New Templates/Fonts catalog for easier reference
    • New Click Art Catalog & Disk with new art for 09
    • New Improved Color Catalog and color reproduction guide
    • Color Guide Poster
    • Fonts Poster
    • InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts Poster
    • 08-09 Calendar
    …and a nice big binder to hold all your papers in.
    I don’t know how well this comes off in the written description, but in hand, the kit is very nice…and too heavy to deliver in person.
    When I first joined Walsworth here in Europe I wanted to hand-deliver every kit. What a really bad idea that was. Not only was it impossible for me to visit schools soon enough to deliver early enough in the year, but they were boxes, bigger than a shoe box, that I had to carry on planes, trains and taxis.
    Being new here, I didn’t realize the strict weight restrictions of the discount airliners, either.
    So last year I said to my self: “Self…how about handing them out at the Fall Yearbook Conference, if possible.”
    Perfect idea…or so I thought. The first person I gave the kit to said “Oh, great…one more thing for me to carry all the way back home.”
    Okay…I got the message, finally, and this year they are being shipped out to the schools. I was smart enough to wait until after school started so they don’t end up in the custodian’s closet somewhere.
    When you get yours, drop a comment or note and let me know so I can begin filling in the blanks on how to use it.
    One of our goals at Walsworth is to help you with production so you can spend more time on the content and design.
    Feel free to consider me your Assistant Yearbook Adviser.

    5 Responses to “New Yearbook Kits are on the Way”

    1. Jonathan Malcolm Says:

      Hi Russell
      > I just picked this up now, and it looks awesome – a lot clearer,
      > easier
      > to find stuff, and plenty of useful samples and so on. Please pass
      > on my
      > thanks and congratulations to whoever put it together. Another great
      > Ww
      > initiative, and it gets better every year.
      > Regards
      > Jonathan, ICS Zurich

    2. krrish Says:

      How to get that year book kits…..

    3. admin Says:

      Greetings Krrish…
      These yearbook kits are created by Walsworth Publishing Company for their customers to use to help them work faster and easier.
      If you are with a school or company that creates a yearbook, drop a line and we can discuss how you can be a Walsworth Customer and enjoy the Yearbook Kit, as well as the other support features they offer.

    4. Krrish Says:

      Dear administrator …
      Presently i am studing in iitg, now we are in the process of year book for entire pg students, for getting this kit what we have to do, is there any chances to get free tools. My mail id:

      Thanking you sir..

    5. Krrish Says:

      Please tell me how to become customers for u…

      Thanking u

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