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    Russell Viers is a Transition Expert in the publishing world. Since 1997 he has helped newspapers and magazines adapt to changes in the industry. Read more...

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  • Speaking

    “Russell is one of my favorite speakers. I have found no other presenter who captivates his audience with such great humor and entertainment while sharing such valuable information. Russell is a pleasure to work with and always comes properly prepared to wow the crowd with helpful tips, useful shortcuts and fun facts.”
    Melinda Condon, Pennsylvania Newspaper Association

    Russell Viers is an international speaker who, for the past 11 years has entertained and educated audiences at more than 1000 events, including:
    • NEXPO
    • HOW Conference
    • NNA National Convention
    • America East
    • IFRA Moscow
    • Print Week San Diego

    As well as conventions and workshops for almost every U.S. state Press Association, many printing associations and Adobe events throughout the world.

    Russell’s expertise allows him to speak on such topics as:

    • Adobe InDesign
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Flash for online Ad Creation
    • Using Adobe’s Creative Suite as a single production tool
    • PDFs for Print Production
    • Converting from Quark to Adobe
    • Quark XPress

    and more