Moses Rodriguez

Everyone who meets Moses Rodriquez likes Moses Rodriquez. 

Let me expand. If I were some place and a person came up to me and said “I don’t like that Moses Rodriguez,” I would just walk away, because I know that person is a total idiot. It’s not POSSIBLE to not like Moses Rodriquez.

I don’t remember when I met Moses, but I think I remember where. He is a graphic designer at J. Schmid & Company, where Brent Niemuth is president. It was probably on my first visit, where I worked with some of the designers to use what I consider best practices with Adobe Creative Cloud software. 

My guess is that was 16 years ago, or so.

Photo of Moses Rodriguez taken by Russell Viers in the Kansas City West Bottoms.

I shot this picture of Moses on the first photo walk I took using film again, after a 15-year hiatus. Here is is sitting on a doc in the West Bottoms. Shot with a Nikon FG using Kodak Tri-X 400 film.

It was much later that I discovered that Moses is into photography. He has some great stuff of his framed on the walls in his office. So we started talking the talk that photographers do, you know, “what do you shoot” and “how high can you take the ISO on that before you get too much noise” and “I would rather lose a limb than shoot a wedding.”

It’s kind of Moses’ fault that I shoot film again. He was the guy who invited me to go on a photowalk in the West Bottoms, where I decided to dust off my dad’s Nikon FG and shoot film for the first time in more than a decade.

Moses should be a therapist. He should charge money to just hang out with people and be himself…and people will feel better. I’d pay for that. Luckily, that’s a service he provides me at no charge.

Below are some shots I took of Moses during the photowalk he let with his Meetup group through the West Bottoms.