Soon after starting as a speaker, presenting Photoshop techniques to printers and newspapers, I was asked to do my first onsite training. I was hired to teach Photoshop to the production staff, hoping to increase productivity.

On the first morning, I was given the full tour, from order entry to shipping. I saw so many bottle necks in the process that I thought “Photoshop is the least of their worries.”

After meeting with the production staff to get an idea of how they were working, I delayed the Photoshop training to write a couple of Photoshop Actions for them to automate a few tasks they did repeatedly throughout the day, times eight production staff. After I wrote the action I pulled them all around to have them watch it work, taking the tasks which took 15 minutes down to 30 seconds. 

Upon seeing it happen, one lady broke into tears, no joke.

I spent the rest of the day deploying the actions, teaching them how to use it, how to adapt for variables, and fixing any “bugs” that didn’t work in all situations. By the end of the day, we had erased the equivalent of two full time jobs, which meant the printing company didn’t have to replace the two employees who were leaving the company. 

That evening I had dinner with the owner of the printing company. “What do you think of my operation,” he boasted. I asked him if he wanted me to tell him what he wanted to hear or the truth.

Over dinner I outlined how it takes four days to go from order entry to press, and his business was business cards. At that time, 24-hour business card companies were popping up everywhere and he wouldn’t be able to compete. He listened, then hired me to “fix” it over the course of the next six months.

My training is like that. 

I have more boring examples, but I’ll spare you. Too many times I’ve been brought in for onsite training to fix what the customer THINKS they need, but, in reality, they need something else more.

So I do this. I go into newspapers, printing companies, book publishers, and design studios and teach…

  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Acrobat
  • Bridge/Camera Raw

…but I also look at the bigger picture. HOW are you working, which can take FAR more time than just needing to learn the software.

This breaks down into a few buckets:

  • Knowledge of the software
  • Need to purchase software
  • Need to upgrade hardware/infrastructure
  • Process
  • Management of processes

Or I can just teach your people how to use the software faster and better.


Another service I offer, under the heading of “training,” is to build your templates for you, putting in all sorts of magic automation, then teaching you and your staff how to use it. It’s like teaching you how to drive a car, instead of how to build a car. It works. It gets you and your staff more productive in a shorter time, costs less, and is more effective in the long run. Contact me for quotes.