InDesign CS3: Placing InDesign documents in another InDesign Document

The Holy Grail of new features...the ability to place an InDesign document inside another InDesign document. You can't edit it inside the document like a copy paste... it's better. Another person can have the placed document open and working on it simultaneously...and when they save it, all you have to do is update the link to see the new version.

If you want to make a quick change to a placed document, and nobody else has it open, you Opt/Alt + double-click and it will open it in your copy of InDesign, in a separate window. Make the edits you want and save it back... InDesign will update automatically. Just remember that you will need the fonts on your machine, unlike placing a PDF or other formats. You cannot embed the fonts in the InDesign document... so be careful when sharing with others.

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