Camera Talk

I now have, shall we say, a few cameras.

I love them.

I would be a horrible movie reviewer, because most of the reviews would start out with something like “I LOVED this movie” followed up by a few notes of this or that, but concluding with “I could watch it again, no question.”

I fear a similar thing is going to happen here. Or, maybe that’s a good thing, as my goal is to share with you my rediscovered love of film cameras and what they can give me that digital just can’t. Just CAN’T!

I shoot Twin Lens Reflexes (my favorite is my Rolleiflex 2.8C), I shoot rangefinders (today’s favorite is the Minolta CLE), I shoot Single Lens Reflexes (my favorite is my Nikon F4 with waste level viewfinder), and I shoot toys (my favorite is my ANSCO).

I know there are photographers out there doing amazing, creative stuff with old cameras. I keep it simple: I only shoot cameras that are formats where I can easily buy film, the exception being my Sawyers Mark IV and Yashica 44s, which shoot 127 (I found a guy who rolls it from 120 film. Meh…it kinda works and I’m hoping they reintroduce it).

I will tell stories of any camera I play with, and share with you the photos that camera gives me. I’ll do my best not to just shoot what’s in my back yard. 

I’ll compare cameras, so you can see what each brings to the table that may, or may not, be unique.

I’m less interested in the specifications than I am about the user experience. I’m like the driver who wants to talk about how the car performs, not so much about the specifics of what’s under the hood.

I’m open to suggestions, too. If there are cameras you’re curious about, drop a line. 

With that, I’ll get back to writing another article about another camera I’ve been playing with.

Thanks for joining me.

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