Kodak’s VR35…It’s What a 17-Year Break From Making Cameras Can Be

Author’s Note: While we were all jamming to The Bangles, Kenny Loggins, and Wang Chung, Kodak released its first camera after 17 years. I don’t remember it. But seeing it now, I think it’s loosely based on a 1986 Lincoln Town Car and fits perfectly with the fashion of the times…shooting it while wearing aviators, […]


Double Double

I was driving along and the idea hit me. It was just like in the movies, where a beam of light comes through my sunroof and highlights my head. It was THAT good of an idea. I’m not saying I’m the ONLY person, or even the FIRST person to think of doing this, but, as […]


Elvis the German Homeless Cowboy in Köln

Many years ago, 2009 I think, I had spent the day working in Brussels, then rushed to the train to get to Bregenz, Austria, where I was living at the time. It was a nine-hour ride and I was hungry.  I had to switch trains in Köln, Germany, and had a quick 40 minutes between […]


The Cheap Camera with the Expensive Name – Quickshot X3000

I’ve had this plastic, piece of crap, toy camera laying around for years. I don’t even remember where I got it, but it was in a box, on a dresser, on a shelf, in a box again, back on my shelf again, and then in my hands with film in it. It’s the Quickshot X3000 […]


Toy Camera Fun with the Ansco 1065

Having weirdly enjoyed the experience of the Quickshot X3000, and the rugged feel of plastic in my hands still fresh on my mind, I saw an ad for an Ansco 1065 35mm, complete with wide angle and telephoto lenses, flash, carry case AND user’s manual at a reasonable price, I was all in. I arrived […]


Rat Rod Pentax K1000

I woke up around 6:00 am this particular Thursday in June, and I headed straight for the coffee. While sipping my first cup, I perused Facebook Marketplace to see what was out there.  Someone had advertised boxes of old photographic equipment, aka junk, for a pretty cheap price. Maybe it was the hour, maybe it […]


My First Twin Lens Reflex Camera

I blame Vivian Maier for my first Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera, a RicohDIACORD. Seeing her work and her selfies holding her Rolleiflex, I just HAD to try one out. They really are a beautiful piece of machinery. In looking at Rolleiflex prices, I thought I would bust my chops on something less expensive. Rollei […]


My Dad’s Old Nikon FG Pulled Me Back Into the World of Film

I swore off shooting film cameras about 15 years ago. I packed my Nikkormats away and had no intention of EVER shooting anything but digital. I said it during my seminars, I argued with people who said things like “I sure miss film”, and I promoted and preached all the reasons NEVER to shoot film. […]








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