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Photo Gallery

I present here a bit of the world through my eyes. I prefer alleys to streets, country roads to interstates, and broken things to new. When walking along with my camera I'm looking up and down more than straight ahead. 

The photos in this gallery are a mix of film and digital, medium format, 35mm, and other. I've shot too many cameras to list and too many different types of film to remember. 

But I have these to show for it.

In the process of pulling together some photos for this website, I realized that I’ve taken a lot of photos over the years. I think I’ve lost more than I have, too. Sadly, I don’t have old film shots from years ago and somewhere along the way, it seems some digital files have also disappeared. I’m hoping they are on an old external hard drive somewhere.

But for today, this is enough. I present here photos that I like enough to hang on my walls.