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  • Announcement? CS3?

    March 16th, 2007 by Russell Viers

    Adobe blew it.
    They made the big announcement about the announcement March 27th about the release of Creative Suite 3 this Spring…I’m sure you’ve all read or heard about it.
    If not, check it out: Adobe Creative Suite 3 To Be Announced March 27th
    I think they should have milked it a bit more…created even more buzz.
    They should have come out on March 5, when they posted this to the their blog, and said “We will have a major announcement next Thursday.
    Buzz, buzz, buzz…
    On Thursday, make an announcement like “Thank you for coming, we would like to announce that after much discussion, Adobe will not be including a new version of PageMaker in the next generation Creative Suite, whenever it may or may not be released…good day.”
    Buzz, buzz, buzz…
    Then announce another major announcement for the following Tuesday.
    When Tuesday rolls around: “Adobe has the luxury of choosing between three fine web page creation applications to be bundled with Creative Suite 3Dreamweaver, GoLive or a newly reworked PageMill. We are not at liberty to release our decision at this time, nor are we confirming or denying that there will, in fact, be a Creative Suite 3 in the near future, or that it will, in fact, be named Creative Suite 3. Thank you for coming.”
    Keep this going for a few good weeks, announcing possible intentions of Adobe Streamline X for OSX, a rebirth of Dimensions Elements and LiveMotion Pro or possibly TypeTwister for Flash. The list could go on and on to include ImageStyler 3D and ATM Super Deluxe, which is both a font manager and a cash machine.
    Then, just when the entire design world is going insane with discussion, announce Creative Suite 3 which will run on Windows Vista, Mac Intels and Commodore 64s.
    Announce a Spring delivery…but don’t promise which year.

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