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  • Speakers Announced for Fall Yearbook Conference

    September 8th, 2008 by admin

    Bregenz, Austria — The speaker list for Walsworth Europe’s 2008 Fall Yearbook Conference has finally been set. In what is advertised as the World Cup of Yearbook Conferences, trainers from both the United States and Europe will be leading the sessions. This year’s conference is Sept. 26-28 in Lindau, Germany.
    “We’re lucky to get the best speakers in the world every year so that teachers and students can learn from the experts,” said Russell Viers, Walsworth’s director of European sales. “We’ve added more classes this year and there’s a small chance we’ll bring in one more expert trainer for the event. But for now, this is our starting line-up.”
    Sandee Cohen, world renowned speaker/trainer, and the only person to write books on every version of InDesign since its release, will fly in from New York to teach InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.
    Gabriel Powell, author and speaker, will head down from Amsterdam to share his InDesign knowledge that he’s written about in many books and articles.
    Brent Niemuth will join the conference for the third straight year. Niemuth is a top designer and branding expert who will leave his work in Kansas City to work with students for the three days. In addition to teaching some design classes, Niemuth will work with teachers and students from each school in one-on-one sessions to hammer out design ideas specific to their book.
    H. L. Hall, with a quarter-century of expertise in yearbook and school newspaper creation under his belt, will leave his duties as the Executive Director of the Tennessee High School Journalism Association to work with students for the conference.
    Jim Petrucci, who has worked for Walsworth as a yearbook rep since the 60s, will give sessions on yearbook production.
    “I’ll be speaking, too” said Viers, an Adobe Certified Instructor who works with newspaper and magazine publishers throughout the world. “It’s really nice to be able to share the same knowledge we give professionals in the working world to these yearbook advisers and students.
    “Not only are we helping them learn how to produce a better yearbook faster, but we’re giving them skills they can take with them into the next phase of their lives, whether college or a career,” Viers continued.
    For more information, or to register, visit the Fall Yearbook Conference.

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    1. Kelly Kirkpatrick Says:

      I work at The Mountain Echo Newspaper and we will be attending your class on Fri., May 14th at the Southeast Missouri Press Assoc. Conference and I am very excited. Took some time today to look over your site and view your amazing photography. Should be some really good times!

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