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  • Uploading Yearbook Pages to Walsworth

    March 12th, 2009 by Russell Viers

    Before exporting PDFs that will ultimately be submitted to Walsworth for printing, you should first make sure your computer is set up properly. Refer to previous blog article: Please note that this article is VERY boring and many people have complained about falling asleep halfway through and not getting it all done. My apologies in advance.

    So now you have exported a bunch of PDFs and are wondering what to do with them. You’ll upload them to Walsworth Publishing using something known as the world wide web (often referred to as www).

    Before you begin, you’ll need to get some information from me directly

    Job Number: example 9-39XXX-0

    username: example rname

    password: example topsecret

    So before we get too far into the upload process, let’s make sure we’re clear on the file naming process…very important. Uploading a 300 page book as 100 PDFs named PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, etc. would not be very cool, lemme tell ya. You’ll want to follow a more organized naming convention that really helps Walsworth process your files correctly, speeding up the process and promising you a better book.

    Please name the PDFs as follows:

    If these are the first submission of a page, we want you to name them d(job number)_(page or pages) so it would look something like this: d9-39123_4-55.pdf for multiple page PDFs or d9-39013_2-2.pdf for a single page PDF. If you use the Book Feature of InDesign, and the pages in the PDF are not consecutive, you can even do d9-_38123_4-10_14-19_23-37.pdf. This may sound like extra work, but when dealing with as many pages as Walsworth does every day, this makes a difference.

    If you are going to send in a revision to a page you’ve already uploaded, you would name it just like above, but put rv_ in front so we know it will replace the previously submitted page(s). It would look like rv_d8-39013_2-2.pdf.

    When you are ready to submit pages you will use any internet browser and go to

    You will be asked to log in, in which case you will enter your username and password. If you enter the wrong information, it will reformat your hard drive and you will lose everything, causing you to spend hours reloading all your software and hope you backed up your files. Not really. If you don’t have the information just contact me and I’ll get it to you.

    Once logged in, you will see a job already created for you with your job number and some other catchy little phrase I add in there like Yearbook 2009. So it might look like this: 9-39123-0 Yearbook 2009. See…it’s catchy.

    Click on this job, which is in blue and is the link to where you need to be to upload files.

    In this next window, you’ll see a button cleverly named Upload Files. I’ll not insult your intelligence by telling you to push it.

    When you click the Upload button to submit files, you will be asked to name your submission in a box titled Upload Name. If your book is all color or all black and white, naming the submission with a number first, like 1, with the date and page numbers in the upload would be great. If your book is mixed, you should name them something like submit color 1 12/12/07 or submit b&w 1 12/12/07 and include the page number range. This allows us to see how you want your files RIPed and the date and what number submission it is.

    You will then either drag the PDFs into the window or click the icon of the page with the green plus next to it and browse your computer for them. After you have all the PDFs in that window, you’ll click Upload and let your computer do its thing.

    Please DO NOT submit files to the wpcdirect site that you want me to evaluate. I will have you upload them elsewhere…I don’t want to risk any test pages getting into production.

    Now that Walsworth has the PDFs, they will begin processing them and notify you when they are ready to proof online.

    I’m sure there will be questions as you get into it. Feel free to email or call me anytime.

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