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  • Becoming a Part Time Vegetarian

    August 5th, 2009 by Russell Viers

    It’s not easy becoming a Part Time Vegetarian…but it’s a heck of a lot easier than becoming a Full Time Vegetarian.

    The concept came to me in a dream. I imagined I was an FTV (Full Time Vegetarian) and I was in Kansas City. Some friends suggested we go get a Z Man from Oklahoma Joe’s. For those who have never been fortunate enough to go to OKJ’s, it’s a brisket sandwich with an onion ring and provolone cheese melted on top. I have mine on Texas Toast, thus making it what I call the R Man.

    So in my dream, as an FTV, I had to ask my friends “Does OKJ’s have any vegetarian dishes?” At which point they beat me to death with golf clubs.

    I awoke in a sweat, screaming and covering my head.

    Then it hit me! “What if I was just a Part Time Vegetarian (PTV)? What if I ate vegetarian dishes for those meals that I don’t really care about, like drive-thru burgers from chain restaurants, etc. and saved my carnivorous desires for more select moments?”


    So I started slowly. I ordered my Burrito Bowl from Chipotle sans carcass. Delish. I ordered a salad one day, sans mammals. It was fine. I ordered Chinese without either canine or feline. I didn’t miss it.

    So now I’m a Full Time PTV.

    For example, on Sunday the fam wanted to enjoy Stroud’s for lunch. I had the Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes & two litres of Gravy over all of it…guilt free. Every meal since has been vegetarian. If I get a hankering for dead animal carcass, I get it, unless I have these desires for every meal.

    What’s the benefit so far? None. Haven’t felt a thing. Haven’t lost a pound or added a glow to my skin. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

    If there is one benefit it would be that I have broken a habit. I don’t eat meat “just because” any more. I eat it when I want it.

    Time will tell. I’ve been a PTV for a few weeks now and I do see changes in my behavior. I shop differently and I seek restaurants where they have PTV options on the menu. Make a point of asking for the PTV menu when you dine, except at Truck Stops.

    Give it a shot and report back to the group.

    I have started a Facebook Group as a sort of online support center for those wanting to begin the journey towards Full Time PTVism. Check it out at

    Keep us posted on your successes and failures so we can all grow together.

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