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    Russell Viers is a Transition Expert in the publishing world. Since 1997 he has helped newspapers and magazines adapt to changes in the industry. Read more...

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  • I’ve been busy…

    April 21st, 2011 by Russell Viers

    To say I’ve been a slacker with regards to updating my blog would be an understatement…It’s been a couple of years. Yea…a couple of years.

    And nobody has said anything…nobody. So I’m thinking nobody reads what I write so what’s the rush.

    Well, last year I spoke in Kentucky twice, and both times someone made a point of asking me why it’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog. One guy in Georgetown asked me, in front of a room full of people “Why are you such a lazy slacker…is it ’cause yer a Yank?” Okay…he didn’t say that. He didn’t say anything close to that. But he did ask me in front of a room full of 100 students why I don’t keep my blog current.

    Well…I’ve been busy.

    If you looked at my passport and the miles I’ve logged in the last two years you might understand. I travel so much I’m keeping a list of countries where I’ve eaten pizza. Seriously. And it’s getting longer all the time.

    I’ve been busy speaking at conferences, onsite training, webinars and more. I’ve also been busy working with Walsworth Publishing to help high school students in Europe learn Creative Suite to create better yearbooks. Sometimes I think I’m more comfortable on trains and planes than in my own home.

    I travel everywhere with a camera and sometimes I take the time to get some shots. Sometimes I’m just too tired from chasing trains, finding hotels, speaking, trains, taxis, pizza, planes, pizza. I think traveling internationally would be a lot easier if beef jerky were more globally available. C’mon…you can get Starbucks in Istanbul, but not beef jerky. There’s something terribly wrong there. I saw a Baskin & Robbins and a TGI Friday’s in St. Petersburg, Russia…but no jerky. And you can’t take that stuff with you, really…customs frowns on that.

    In the last year I’ve made several videos, two for Adobe’s Learn by Video series (InDesign and Illustrator) and three for Video2Brain.

    If you’ve never done videos, it’s a lot like being in prison…with a microphone. You sit in a cell with gray walls all around and you talk. And talk. And talk. And they slide food under the door to you. After a couple of days you’re hoping Johnny Cash will show up and do a show for you and the boys. If you’re good, and finish up on time, you get released. Getting reintegrated with the outside world is tough, even just adjusting to the light takes hours.

    What’s also kept me very busy has been the development and launch of my new company and product, Atomic News Tools. The website is pretty bare right now, but you can see videos of how the product works. In short, you populate your website directly from InDesign so as you build your newspaper, magazine, newsletter, etc., you can quickly upload stories to the pages you want. You can also build ads and upload from InDesign.

    So to avoid any risk of hurting myself with my first blog article in two years, I’ll keep this short. In my defense it HAS been a very busy couple of years for technology, too. IPads, Creative Suite releases and more are keeping me very busy.

    In closing I’d like to thank my only two readers, who both happen to live in Kentucky. If there are more than two readers out there, and you’re one of them, let me know. You can find me here by leaving a comment, I’m on Facebook, I Twitter, I Skype, I iChat, I SMS, I have email and I still receive letters from the United States Postal Service. I’m also willing to pick up the phone if you catch me during normal business hours (Monday from 1 pm to 1:20 pm).

    Seriously, I love working with people in the design and publishing industry and I’m sorry I’ve been such a slacker…I promise I’ll be more prompt in my posts (than once every two years).


    4 Responses to “I’ve been busy…”

    1. Chris Canaday Says:

      Mr. Viers,

      Stumbled across this page while I was poking around the interwebs for other stuff and wanted to say hey.

      Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy and having a good time doing it. Glad to hear it.

      If you have some time between bites of pizza and continent hopping, drop me a line.

      Take care.


    2. Arlene Cline Says:

      Hi Russell. I dig your blog and am glad you updated it! Also, your new Atomic News Tools look so cool. I work in InDesign all day long in the print world and don’t really work on the net. Your new tools may help me make the leap – thanks!

      P.S. I just listened to your interview on InDesign Secrets and it made me come back to your website to see what was new :~)

    3. Jennifer B Says:

      Hi Russell, It’s nice to have you back. I checked out and watched your demos. Pretty cool. It’s a fab bridge for designers who are just getting into programming. Do you have more details about cost, etc.

    4. admin Says:

      Thanks Jennifer…
      It’s designed to be very affordable for even the smallest publication. Pricing today is: no setup fees, no contracts, start billing once you go live. Included in the monthly charge is hosting of the website (2gb storage/150gb bandwidth), the plug-ins, the template and support for $100. If you exceed the 2gb/150gb the next increment of that is $15 per month.

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