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December 21, 2018

All That For a Cup of Joe?

I needed a cup of Joe to keep me homeward bound. I stopped in this tiny town and am at the only place in town, having good coffee and talking with the old timers. I love this stuff.

“Frosty” is talking about his trucks and Dick gave me some sage advice as he struggled to stand with his cane and the help of his granddaughter: “don’t have a stroke.”

Coffee was a little pricey, though. Charged me a dollar for two cups and I had to help myself.

I’m thinking if I sit here long enough it’ll be happy hour and I’ll only have to pay fifty cents!


Russell Viers

I'm just a guy who finds the world an interesting place and likes to capture certain moments with a camera. They aren't for sale, or anything. I just like them. Well, usually. I've taken a lot of photos I don't like, as well.

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