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May 29, 2020

A Photo Walk With Two of My Boys

Kurtahs Mikhael and Parker Viers joined Kooky's Road Trip today for a photowalk around Globe, Miami, and Superior in Arizona.

At 102 degrees, it was hot and we were glad to have brought a cooler full of water.

Parker's not into photography, so he politely hung out with us. Kurtis was shooting a Nikon FG-20, Nikon Nikkormat, and Ikoflex TLR. I was using my Canon 7D, Canon EOS3, Pentax P30T, Nikon FE, and Yashica 635 TLR.

It was a perfect day.


Russell Viers

I'm just a guy who finds the world an interesting place and likes to capture certain moments with a camera. They aren't for sale, or anything. I just like them. Well, usually. I've taken a lot of photos I don't like, as well.

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